I was really sick in Feb 2017, had an x-ray done Is it like the stages of cancer? Carver is the cardiovascular doctor you would probably want to see
Joint pain in my hands seem to be a warning before my legs flare up I will pray for and with you

Maggie Hudson Communications Manager Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research• The side effects from the meds.

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Does anyone out there who has had it in the brain can tell me what their symptoms were before they learned it was in the brain? I was told I was in the 1st stage when my sight went out
معنى AM و معنى PM وما هو الفرق بينها AM صباحاً و PM مساءً مع أمثلة
One time I went in for a spinal surgery, my legs were bad, stupid nurse in hospital thought my husband beat me
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Trust me its better to accept all the pain and illness, and live on
I worked for saw my ankles, so I showed her my legs, she said I needed to see someone asap, I left work a little early and saw a family Dr 7cm nodule in my right upper lung
Do have health problems have had for years get flares I attended a salt clinic which was amazing but too expensive to use every day

All the way up to 80mg a day, for Just over a year and was still growing.

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I have no ideal how long I have had sarcoidosis, but I know I have had issues getting sick easily, all of my life, like catching the flu even after a shot, and having that go into pneumonia
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God Bless Scotty and everyone else
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Good luck and God Bless! This time has been the worse one so far