Food can be cooked in a limited capacity, so it is not the best choice for large families Microwaves kill the beneficial properties of live food
Heating up food has never been faster, and families are served hot food within minutes Some risks come with the use of a microwave oven and include: Lack of bioavailability of various vitamins and minerals

Kitchen utensil disinfection: Microwave ovens can help disinfect kitchen gadgets like plastic cutting boards and sponges.

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Heating milk and cereals changed some of the essential amino acids into carcinogens
ما هي موجات المايكروويف؟
Microwave ovens are very economical and energy efficient
ما هي الامواج الميكروية
The nutritional value has been reduced
Simply soak sponges and cutting boards in some lemon juice and heat in the microwave for a minute Microwaves also ensure that you will never burn your food again
Microwave ovens use electromagnetic energy and generate electromagnetic waves that heat the food in the appliance It releases radiation that can be dangerous and lead to cancer•

Plant alkaloids have been converted into carcinogens in raw or frozen vegetables.

الاعطال الشائعة فى افران الميكرويف
Cleaning a microwave oven is easy
نظره علي المكونات الاساسية لفرن الميكروويفMicrowave Oven part Overview
Microwaves cause the plastic containers to release harmful chemicals into your food
الميكرويف بين الحقيقة والادعاء!
Lacks the option of deep frying or making chapati
Electromagnetic radiation travels in the form of waves or particles of different wavelengths and frequencies Unlike a conventional oven, they do not heat the entire space inside the device and only use waves to heat the food kept in it
Microwaves destroy the nutrients in your food, increasing the risk of nutrient deficiencies Instantly reheats the food, it saves a lot of time, Useful for health-conscious people, it preserves the taste and flavor as well as the nutritional content of the food

It is unsafe to cook plastic cookware in the microwave.

موجة ميكروية
Electric current flows through the metal elements to heat the element and thus in the enclosed space and cook the food
نظره علي المكونات الاساسية لفرن الميكروويفMicrowave Oven part Overview
Some ovens have fans that distribute heat uniformly
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This makes it more energy efficient than conventional ovens