The activists were detained and interrogated by the prosecutor of the All the videos he had sent to YouTube were no longer available
About 12 or 13 were of violence in police stations Johnston, Cynthia December 3, 2007

They included videos of police brutality, voting irregularities and anti-government protests.

وائل عباس يكتب: نظرية هات ضلفها
In 2008, Abbas turned down an invitation to meet with U
القصة الكاملة لاتهامات الناشط السياسي وائل عباس بالتحرش
CNN Inside the Middle East Blog
شاهد .. قصة وائل عباس واتهامه بالتحرش بصحفية
Abbas, Wael December 5, 2007
Diehl, Jackson December 17, 2007 Abbas was named Middle East Person of the Year 2007 by CNN
He was considered one of the Most Influential People of 2006 by BBC Abbas has posted on his blog that Yahoo has restored his email account

He reported an incident of mob harassment of women, and broadcast several videos of.

وائل عباس
Abbas was against the motion and he won the debate
تعليق وائل عباس على فيديو سائق
December 2020 On 15 January, 2010 Abbas was arrested by Egyptian police along with 29 other human rights activists who had traveled to to pay condolences to the families of the victims of the
لماذا تعاطف الإسلاميون ضد حبس أحد أشد معارضيهم؟
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