2- Garden area The second step is to preview the courtyard, find the appropriate place for the garden, the location of the main door of the house and draw a plan for the garden sketch in which the area, directions and shape of the garden design are determined Tromba to draw water from the water line to the tank and Tromba to distribute water in the garden irrigation network
In the case of using the installation of the network directly on the water line, the irrigation network needs a water pump pump to press and operate the sprinklers This step makes it easier for the designing engineer to choose the style and shape of the design, the colors of flowers and the types of bushes that he will use in designing the home garden

In case of using a water tank, the designer needs 2 water pumps.

اجمل حدائق المنازل بالصور مع كيفية عمل حدائق منزلية صغيرة خارجيه
ديكور حدائق منزلية
3- Preparing the soil In this step, the soil is dug 30 cm deep and using new soil, preferably a mixture of silt, sand, manure or ready-made pitmos soil, and flattening the soil well mandala
14 تصميم مميز لحديقة صغيرة
In grass, sprinklers and bushes are used as drops
After burying the new irrigation network lines, the network is piloted before planting to ensure its operation and safety


تصميم حديقة منزلية صغيرة
افكار تصميم حديقة منزلية الدمام افكار تنسيق حدائق افكار تنسيق حدائق منزليه افكار تجميل حدائق منزلية
كيف تعمل حديقة منزلية