If anyone asks you why you like a series like One Piece, this arc would be the best way to answer that Anime % 1 Romance Dawn Arc 7 178 0
His past work experiences include window washing, MMA personal training, Chinese food delivery, national communications coordinating, and more A Special Retrospective Before Marineford! If you look at every arc in the pre-time-skip, most were affected by Arabasta in some way

The fight with Buggy was amazing as this is the first time we see two devil fruit users fight each other.

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Watching the Straw Hats indulge themselves in their favorite things after being away from home for so long was a treat for sure
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Luffy faces off against Gecko Moria in this arc, and the
One Piece Best Arcs: All Arcs Ranked From Worst to Best.
First, Ceaser Clown the crazy scientist as well as Trafalgar Law which is now Allied with Luffy in order to kill the strongest creature in One Piece Kaido
Movie that was released in theaters Prior to Luffy, half the crew led by Sanji was already there
Even FI had some cool moments Fujitora gives the Straw Hats a head start and lets them go

Luffys group going to Zou to regroup with Nami and the others who when they last spoken to, countered Big Mom's crew.

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Anime: Usopp picks up Kaya's pistol and attempts to shoot Kuro with it
Syrup Village Arc
At first, his attempt ends in failure following his defeat against warden Magellan
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Whole Cake Island arc is another arc that is divided among the fandom
We learn that Sabo, Luffys other brother is still alive and takes Aces fruit from the tournament It doesn't have much to show as a filler arc, but it does lead directly into the events of the film One Piece: Strong World
They seek to help her return a dragon to its homeland while avoiding the military ship, which is also after the dragon since it can create a powerful medicine

Precursor To A New Adventure! The introduction of Mihawk and information about the dangers of the Grand Line are some of the key points in the series.

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~ Little Garden Arc We meet some more workers of the Baroques work and Giants
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The Ice Hunter arc is a rare exception, as the saga lasts for an agonizing ten episodes
One Piece Arcs: All Arcs Ranked from Worst to Best.
Zoro cuts 100 abundance trackers without help from anyone else and Luffy battles Zoro for the solitary time ever