This book is in fact itself a good example of crowd manipulation as LeBon sees it! As an observation or a remark that you can skip, the word "instead of" you used slightly offended me as an Arab Its main themes are: socio-cultural and hereditary determinisms in the history of civilizations, public opinion, faith, emotional contamination and inclination of individuals in crowds for extremes, intolerance, authoritarianism, indoctrination, elections, advertisement, revolutionary politics, revolutions, administrative centralization, statism
like, overall, it's a very dubious "scientific" analysis on the psychology of the masses which masses, le bon? Self-contradictory, rambling and perfunctory when it comes to "proving" his notions, LeBon is certainly a shrewd observer of the crowd mentality, but his conclusions are illogical, misplaced, and false It predates the use of survey research and is mainly philosophical speculation

This collective ability can change tides in history, commit horrendous crimes or do amazing goods.

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I do not recommend this book for non-majored readers
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If I were to sum up my thoughts on this, I would say read it for the insightful observations that it offers, but not as a credible source with regards to the psychology of crowds
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It is more of the power of collective abilities
Looking at the nowadays social events, political incidents, we can see so easily humans are looking for saviors, let's say leader First of all, Le Bon's writing is engaging, and several passages struck me as beautifully written and eloquent
] we call the voices of the dead, and whose power it is impossible to overlook, although we ignore their essence It would seem, at times, as if there were latent forces in the inner being of nations which serve to guide them" - some basic key tools effective leaders who "have always been unconscious psychologists" use to communicate to crowds, including an observation of what decades later will be called the framing effect this part predates what popularized 90 years later - the fallacy of advocating a restriction of voting rights to the supposedly "more educated" more than one hundred years later, analyses by and others are showing to which extent this intuition was correct Le Bon's prose is very readable, clear and fluid

This book is a must read to understand the past, current and future revolutions.

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Protean Crowds This essay by polygraph Dr
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the exercise of absolute power, especially in a cruel and oppressive way
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That it is not to say that it is completely worthless; it's not