At the same time, the family court rejected the lawsuit filed by the husband of the Egyptian artist, Hala Sedky, in which he demands that he deny the lineage of his two children from her, and did not heed his request that his two children and their mother undergo a DNA test Views on film [ ] Abla Al Rewiny wrote an article about Sameh Samy and El film magazine :"Some see that cinema is the closest art to literature Fellini, Eisenstein and some see that it can not be combined between literature and film, the issue of the film magazine about the relationship of films and literature is presented from the angle of the film
It is the only current Egyptian magazine specialized in cinema On the other hand, you are in front of a much better artistic era than in previous eras with respect to individual awareness and remarkable talents at the level of writing, directing, photography, acting and music

The Official Syndicate of Cinematographic Professions In Egypt held an interview with him about the role of the film magazine, the Jesuit culture and the Egyptian cinema crisis.

من هو المحامي سامح سامي زكريا ويكيبيديا
The Family Court and the sons of Hala Sedky
He is also the head of the cultural section of the Egyptian newspaper Al Shorouk , the editor of the JOSOR program on culture, politics and society on SAT 7 channel , and the executive manager at Jesuit cultural center in Cairo
إثبات نسب طفلي هالة صدقي إليها والقضاء يصدر حكما جديدا ضد زوجها
Hala Sidqi also said through her account on Facebook: The shameful and humiliating case of me and my children was canceled by the respected husband because his lawyer did not enter the hall after making sure of our presence and with us all the evidence and proofs of his lies and allegations
" The decline comes largely on the heads of manufacturers, the logic of how much production compared to the past, and the relationship with the economic and political situation miserable and extended for a long time, the ratio between exchange and revenue, and so on
Sami talked about crises related to the lack of interest in presenting an idea and does not pay attention to the awareness and expression of people's issues, stressing that there are exceptions" In the editor article of the magazine , Sameh Samy sees that "Ibrahim Aslan" is the best writer of the relationship of literature in cinema

He said: For the last time, she said: O Samo and Mary, Hala Sedqi, this is not your mother.

مستخدم:احمد سامي/سامح سامي
Issuance of a court ruling Earlier, Sameh Sami, the artist's husband, Hala Sidqi, made a severe threat to her, stressing that the two children were not from her, but from a surrogate mother, in contrast to previous statements by the artist
جريدة الموجز
The equation was stimulated by what the Egyptian writer Sameh Samy, the editor of the magazine , put forward in his opening article, which quoted the title of the famous book by Ala Deeb as a "pause before the slope", calling on those interested to stand collectively before falling into the slope
The Family Court and the sons of Hala Sedky
Hala Sedky The ruling was issued by the Family Court in Qasr Al-Nil in Cairo, in the case of the sons of the Egyptian artist, Hala Sedky, after it rejected the lawsuit filed by her husband, Sameh Sami, who claimed that the two children were born with eggs borrowed from an unknown woman in Britain