Neither side knew for some days that the other was in agreement with that offer, due to difficulties in getting the messages across the lines Visit the Dashboard page to check it out
התפקיד זיכה אותו במועמדות לפרס מעגל מבקרי הקולנוע של לונדון לפריצת השנה במהלך הצילומים, כאשר שהה ב, הוא חווה חוויה מפחידה כאשר הרכב שבו היה נחטף

Arnold repeatedly claimed that he was passed over for promotion by the , while other officers obtained credit for some of his accomplishments.

Congress investigated his accounts, however, and concluded that he was indebted to Congress, and he borrowed heavily to maintain a lavish lifestyle
Benedict Arnold
Benedict Arnold
Did he become a traitor because of all the injustice he suffered, real and imagined, at the hands of the Continental Congress and his jealous fellow generals? כשגילה זאת ארנולד, הוא הזמין את איסטון לדו-קרב, אך הלה סירב
Arnold's command at West Point also gave him authority over the entire American-controlled Hudson River, from Albany down to the British lines outside New York City The pursuing American army included the , who was under orders from Washington to hang Arnold summarily if he was captured
מוזר שמנת הדגל של המסעדה שאת שמה נושאת מוגשת באופן שכזה גם ממיטת חוליו סירב להפסיק את המצור על העיר הקנדית עד שחרורו באפריל

He was enrolled in a private school in nearby , when he was 10, with the expectation that he would eventually attend.

On 25 August, Peggy finally delivered to him Clinton's agreement to the terms
בנדיקט ארנולד
An 1865 political cartoon depicting Benedict Arnold and in hell Early biographers attempted to describe Arnold's entire life in terms of treacherous or morally questionable behavior
Benedict Arnold
Shortly after Washington's rebuke, a Congressional inquiry into Arnold's expenditures concluded that he had failed to fully account for his expenditures incurred during the Quebec invasion, and that he owed the Congress some £1,000, largely because he was unable to document them