Chinese chicken salad was phenomenal too For me its a factory of mouth-watering food, good service, and value for money
Don't miss the dolce sheesecake ymmmmmmy 😍😍😍😍


The Cheesecake Factory
Nice lunch , a little bit expensive
‫تشيز كيك فاكتوري, المنامة
My perennial favorite - the original cheesecake! And i would really recommend cajun chicken littles and santa fe salad
ذي تشيزكيك فاكتوري
As much as options in menu
all salmon are awesome😋especially the genovese! Check out the menu online first u wont afraid to try all thir dishes
! And for the appetizers: fried mac an cheese balls, fried calamari It has the same wonderful chocolate tastes

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مطعم تشيز كيك فاكتوري جدة المنيو
The Cheesecake Factory
Be warned, portions are huge, never a bad thing though 🙈
مطعم تشيز كيك فاكتوري دبي
Best restaurant I have tried so far